50 Things to Do in Missouri This Fall

50 Things to Do in Missouri This Fall

Last summer, I made a summer bucket list with things to do in Missouri during the summer months. The post quickly became my site's most popular post with hundreds of shares on Pinterest (small potatoes, I know, but it was pretty fun for me when my boyfriend's friend sent him a screenshot of his girlfriend's Pinterest feed with my blog post image, pinned by a total stranger  small world).

Anyway... I'm still a list-maker, and I'm feeling inspired to continue the tradition of making a bucket list seasonally.

So here's my fall bucket list:
  1. Enjoy every Mizzou home gameday by donning my best black-and-gold and cheering on the Tigers, whether it be at a bar, tailgate or Faurot Field.
  2. Go to Oktoberfest in Hermann. Wine and German food for the win. 
  3. Enjoy a weekend in Branson. Mock if you will, but I love that cheesy tourist town. Aside from the shows, the area is really beautiful and has lots of opportunities for outdoor exploring.
  4. Travel to a Mizzou away game  I'm thinking Knoxville. It's my goal to make this an annual tradition and, eventually, to visit all the SEC schools for gamedays. We went to Ole Miss last year, and it was a blast.
  5. Go to a Cardinals game. Still can't bring myself to wear a Cardinals shirt, though.
  6. Finally visit Ballpark Village for pre- or post-game drinks or a night out.
  7. And go to a Royals game, too! Preferably on one of their $1 hot dog nights, because Lord knows I've never met a hot dog I didn't like.
  8. Invite my parents and Susan and Paul (our close family friends) for a weekend visit. The foursome has been coming to visit Dan and me for four years now, and it's always a highlight of the season for me.
  9. Go to the theatre  professional, community, or college. Our community theatre in Columbia is doing a production of Avenue Q, one of my favorite Broadway shows. Dirty Dancing is coming to St. Louis' Fox Theatre this fall.
  10. Enjoy every aspect of Mizzou Homecoming: the blood drive, House Decs (Err Campus Decorations for the GDIs out there), the parade, tailgate, the game. Who knows, this could be my last year living in Columbia during Homecoming; I want to relish it.
  11. Decorate our duplex for fall and Halloween. One of the simple things that makes me happy.
  12. Spend an afternoon at the winery A-frame at Les Bourgeois
  13. Go to a Chiefs game. I need to redeem myself for the last time I went four years ago; I was severely underdressed for the weather, and it put a damper on things.
  14. Finally make it to the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival - finally! I have been trying to go to this festival for six years, and the timing never works out.
  15. Go apple picking! I haven't been since I was a kid. Part II: Make my grandma's homemade apple sauce.
  16. Spend a weekend in Hannibal. I've been to the Mark Twain Cave (definitely recommend it!), but I'd like to go back and go on the Mark Twain Riverboat, visit Rockcliffe Mansion, and do a Haunted Hannibal tour.
  17. Go to a renaissance fair (something that's on my bucket list in general). There's one in KC this fall.
  18. Attend Six Flags Fright Fest  one of my favorite fall events as a kid.
  19. TED DREWE'S. Can't believe I've still never been.
  20. Do the Glow Run 5K in St. Louis. Tickets already purchased!
  21. Go to Mizzou basketball games.
  22. Try a new restaurant twice a month. There are so many places in Columbia (and all of Missouri) that I still haven't tried!
  23. See a movie at a fancy movie theatre (cocktails, recliners, and all).
  24. Check out the swinging bridge at the Lake of the Ozarks. Eek!
  25. Enjoy a ghost tour in historic Saint Charles. Because I love all things spooky.
  26. Attend the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival in Columbia. 
  27. Concerts, concerts, and more concerts. Counting down the days until I see Eric Church again (and yes, it will be the third time in 12 months  not mad about it).
  28. Go to a new haunted house we haven't tried before.

Note: This is my fall bucket list. Some of these items are specific to me (like inviting my parents to visit), but they can be generalized to fit anyone. I know there are plenty more things to do this season in Missouri  some of which I've done, which is why they aren't on my list.

Need more ideas? Here are some things I've enjoyed during autumn in Missouri:
  1. The corn maze at Shryock's Callaway Farms
  2. Pumpkins, animals, hay rides at Peach Tree Farm in Boonville
  3. Soulard Oktoberfest
  4. City Museum in St. Louis
  5. Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville, where they breed and train Budweiser Clydesdale horses (Free tour, but you need to make a reservation)
  6. Weekend comedy shows at Deja Vu comedy club in Columbia
  7. Free brewery tour at Anheuser-Busch
  8. Plays at the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre
  9. 9th Street Summerfest outdoor concerts in Columbia
  10. Science City at Kansas City's Union Station
  11. KC's Power & Light District
  12. Winery hopping in Hermann
  13. Haunted house attractions at Necroplanet in Columbia
  14. Zombie paintball at Battle Creek Paintball in Columbia
  15. Nighttime paranormal tours at the abandoned Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City
  16. Historic Saint Charles, an adorably quaint shopping and dining area along the river
  17. Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal
  18. Table Rock Lake in Branson
  19. Shows in Branson
  20. St. Louis Zoo (free!)
  21. Historic Hotel Frederick in Boonville 
  22. St. Louis Gateway Arch (Warning: It's kind of claustrophobic...)
  23. Outlet shopping at the Lake of the Ozarks, in the St. Louis area (Chesterfield), or Kansas City
  24. Horseback riding at Lake of the Ozarks State Park
  25. Pi Pizzeria. My favorite pizza in the world (and I'm from Chicago)
  26. Missouri casinos: I'm not big on gambling, but a night at a casino can be fun. My favorites are River City, Hollywood and Ameristar in the St. Louis area. Lumiere in St. Louis is nice too, of course. I liked the hotel at the Argosy in Kansas City, but not the casino itself. Isle of Capri in Boonville is on the trashy side, but it can be fun.
  27. Dates with simple activities reminiscent of childhood, like batting cages, laser tag, and roller skating.
  28. Schlafly Brewery
  29. Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum in Hannibal
  30. Titanic Museum in Branson (If you're a Titanic nerd like me, you will be obsessed)
  31. Forest Park in St. Louis
  32. Crown Center in Kansas City

That's 60 items total! Minus the few that are specific to me, that's more or less 50 things to do in Missouri this fall. Get out there and explore!

Did I miss something? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!


Vegas Bound

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow! Monday and Tuesday I'll be at MAGIC market for buying, but before then Dan and I will have the weekend to play. Did I mention I haven't even packed yet? No, I haven't done any laundry, shopped, done my nails or spraytanned yet either. Oops. That's what the night before is for, right? I hate using the excuse of being busy, but... I've been so busy lately I haven't had much time to think about our trip, aside from the work aspect of it. Luckily Dan is the best and has already made some amazing plans for us. Shows, nice dinners, blackjack, nights out, pool time... I can't wait.

I'll be back next Thursday with more posts!


Denim on Denim Done Right

After this week's sad post, I need some escapism: Enter a frivolous style post! Lately I've been digging a style that I swore I would never love: denim on denim. Yes, the Canadian tuxedo. Never say never, because those nevers come back to bite you in the jean-clad ass.

I think my issue before was I could only see one thing when I thought "denim on denim." Can you guess? Here's a little throwback of my favorite couple:

Bless their hearts... Image via MTV

Yes, the infamous Britney and Justin matching denim outfits. This is a classic pop culture moment but chic it is not. And the denim-on-denim look can be chic.

How to wear denim on denim? The failproof recipe for a chic Canadian tuxedo outfit has just three steps:
  1. Stick to two washes with a similar tone (i.e., both blue based), one lighter than the other. I like a lighter blue shirt with a dark blue pant.
  2. Choose garments with simple silhouettes and minimal finishes. A simple button-up, a sleek skinny jean. 
  3. Add colorful or interesting accessories. Denim on denim is the perfect canvas for some bombastic jewelry, shoes or fun make-up. When in doubt, add neutral accessories with interesting scale, like a nude-hued statement necklace or nude stilettos.
Still nervous about the head-to-toe blue jean look? Ease into the style by adding another layer of a differing texture and color, like a white blazer or a black moto jacket. That third layer of contrast helps break up the look.

Think you can master how to wear a Canadian tuxedo? I wore one this week, so I swear I practice what I preach (evidence below).  Pin the top collage image for inspiration!